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 RPR powders an S-Bricks

RPR?Powders and S-Bricks

In order to provide the customer with the most reliable ceramic material :

  • RPR?powders as well as the S-bricks?follow severe quality controls during the production flow.
  • FIB-SERVICES in collaboration with research centres and universities constantly work on the improvement of the quality of the ceramic welding materials
  • The powders are adapted to the material to be repaired. As a result, FIB-SERVICES markets different kind of grades. The most generally used grades are :

For Coke Oven Repair

RPR-SC : According to our expertise (more than 10 years !), this RPR-SC Grade is suitable for most locations where a hot repair is necessary, even near to the metallic frame : several years of service life are regular in this zone with the RPR-SC grade without any problem.

RPR-ZE : In 1996, the C.R.D.M. (research centre) of Sollac Dunkirk (F) required FIB-SERVICES to develop a "Zero-Expansion" (Z.E.) grade, dedicated for ceramic welding on the area near to the metallic frame.
After a research and development period, FIB-SERVICES (FIBS for short) was able to present the new RPR-ZE grade (total expansion at 1.000 °C < 0,2 %). Due to the vitreous nature of the fused michael kors jewelry outlet silica grains and the special grain size distribution required by this grade (to avoid the crystallization of the fused silica grains), the other characteristics of the RPR-ZE are slightly less performing than those of the RPR-SC grade.

For Coke Oven Repair

For Glass Furnace Repair

RPR-SG : S.G. stands for Silica grade. This material is mainly used for the repair of silica based refractory : crown, superstructure, front and back walls...

For Glass Furnace Repair

RPR-ZG : Z.G.stands for Zirconia Alumina grade. FIB-SERVICES used this grades to repair Alumina or AZS products : tuckstone, burner block, wall...


RPR-ZSG : Z.S.G.stands for Zirconia Silica grade. It allows the repair of AZS products : Doghouse, fume exhaust



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