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 Blast Furnace

Damages to be repairedDamages to be repaired

Repaired AreaRepaired Area

RPR® Reheating Furnace

If cracks or damage appear on the refractory lining of a reheating furnace, the traditional repair the damages by rebricking works or wet material gunning.

Since 2006, FIB-SERVICES markets a ceramic welding technology witch allows the repair at service temperature. As a consequence, it leads to energy saving and it maintains the production constancy.


  1. Repair at service temperature
  2. Repair done through burner hole: no need to open the furnace
  3. Dry repair material
  4. No cool down / reheating requested: energy saving
  5. Production constancy
  6. Quick repair : less than 8 hours production stop
  7. Strong adhesion onto surface under repair


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