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 Blast Furnace


The use of R.P.R.?process for reparing refractory lining in Hot Blast Stove started at the end of September 1997.

The technique consists in projecting at high temperature through a lnce, a reactive mixture onto the degraded refractory surface. The hot synthesized repair material coats the old refractory to form a monolithic lining.

In order to ensure a strong and stable bond at the interface, the repair material must exhibit a good thermal and chemical compatibility with the initial surface.

Generally, the repair material exhibits thermomechanical properties similar and sometimes better than those of the initial refractory.

FIB-Services has developed a standard powder grade to repair the Hot Blast circulating ducts of the combustion chambers of Cowpers.

The main characteristic is a good thermal shock resistance which allows to withstand the sudden temperature changes.

By bracing and restoring the refractory masonry, FIB-services brings an original solution to the refractory degradations thailand newcastle jerseys in these area of the Hot Blast.

The R.P.R.?process ensures an extended lifetime for the combustion chambers as well as the Hot Blast circulating ducts by stopping the propagation of the damages.

The R.P.R.?process and the know-how developed by FIB-Services for the Cowper maintenance is at our best knowledge the first successful and long-lasting repairing method

before RPR?repair
before RPR?repair
during RPR?repair
during RPR?repair
after RPR?repair
after RPR?repair


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